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  • "I have already worn this shirt more times than is probably acceptable. I also had two people break out in laughter and talk about how much they loved it. This shirt is exactly what I wanted and I smile every single time I put it on!"

    Kaytlin Krepich

  • "This brand sparked my interest with their imaginative designs and have thoroughly won me over with the quality of their product. The shirt is 100% cotton and the design is nicely printed. The picture itself has an aesthetic worn look to it that I absolutely love and the XL gives a great (short) t-shirt dress effect (I’m nearly 5’7 and 154 pounds mind you). The USD to CAD price hurt a little bit but honestly I have no regrets and I’m desperately awaiting restocks and new products. I really, really love it :)"

    Makayla Lynn

  • "Stoked with my shirts! Amazing quality and the design print is one with the shirt threading. there is no "iron on" sticker feeling you sometimes get with design shirts."

    Samantha Mcilvenna

  • "Best purchase I made! Absolutely love this sweatshirt. If you're thinking whether or not to buy, DO IT!"

    Tabitha McCutcheon

  • "I am absolutely in LOVE with this shirt!! Amazing quality print and the shirt is so COMFORTABLE! I can not say enough good things about the quality. This shop has the most iconic designs and I so excited to keep adding to my growing collection of Rebel and Fleur!🖤"

    Brittney Canada